Punching Up And The ‘Rules’ Of Comedy

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Thought Catalog

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During the now-quarterly giant internet war about comedy and offensive jokes, a lot of frustrated, privileged hands are thrown up in disgust wondering like, what are we allowed to joke about? It is an important question because, as we all know, if you break a comedy rule, you will be arrested, or barred from all comedy clubs, or expelled into space through an airlock.

Haha, no just kidding, that doesn’t happen at all. When people toss around the idea of “rules” for comedy (or art in general) they are not laws or even actual rules. The bad things that happen to people who break them are like, critical backlash and, at worst, lost gigs. Sometimes, when enough of your audience doesn’t like your art, you lose your gig. That is how gigs work. Welcome to the world. 

And what are the rules? No rape jokes? Rape jokes, but only…

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