Curb Appeal

The other day, I walked up the hill to my house and thought, “wow, the awning looks like shit.” It’s not something I look at often, but now that I’ve seen it, I can’t un-see it. I need to paint the awning.

Scratch that. I need to pay someone to paint the awning.

What color should I paint it?

House and awning, pre-wear and tear

The first answer that comes to mind whenever I consider color options for just about anything (dresses, couches, walls, sheets, etc.) is Red. But, loathe as I am to admit it, I don’t think red goes well with the orange brick. I could, of course, just repaint it black and white. But I’d like to at least explore the idea of color. I like the idea of being able to give directions to the house with the _______ color awning. The railing and the front panel of the porch are also available for repainting. I don’t think I want to touch the shutters. I’m thinking the blue/green family is the best contender. Bold or Pastel? Should I be considering another palette? The orange brick could lend to a Tuscan look. Is it all pointless if I don’t paint the shutters? Design mavens, lend me your eyes.


3 thoughts on “Curb Appeal

  1. Tough one. The orange brick makes it tricky.

    I’m subjectively inclined to suggest that chartreuse and hot pink go with everything, and I think that would definitely allow you to say “the _____ color awning” but what about two-toned gray, where the lighter gray were recessed and the darker grey were on top, and keep darker yet gray stripes on the outside edge where the black is?

    Of course this would be extra work. And extra money.

    I think you could actually get away with red, fwiw. It would just need to be the right red.

  2. (Like fire engine red). You could also probably do a dark green color (on the yellow side, somewhere between olive and hunter, but more saturated).

    Also these look cool:


    but especially this.

    Seriously, though, I do think an alternating contrast stripe, maybe even black and white, would look good.

    • Ohhh, I like the first (black and white), my instant reaction was that it looks like a diner.

      So now I’m thinking of other ways it could look like a diner, hm.

      What about polka dots? Mike also suggested some type of plaid (obviously very well-chosen colors). Both of these work for the whole “I’m the ____ house.” And let’s be serious, if anyone I know is going to the “the lady on the street with the ____ house”, it is you, my love!

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