Almost thirty

In my ongoing search for shit to write about in this blog, I thought about creating a series called like, The 29 Project, where I chronicle my attempts to check off things to accomplish on my “Before I Turn 30” list. 

And then I remembered that I’m not that kind of person who makes lists like that. And if I was, it would have been on like, a napkin, which I would have subsequently rolled into a little paper spiral and promptly lost. 

I’ve lived pretty well for 29 years. I assume it gets even better. 


One thought on “Almost thirty

  1. It does! My twenties were awesome and I was so worried it would all be downhill from there, but I was wrong. My thirties have kicked even more ass than my twenties. I’ve never felt more beautiful, confident, successful, or loved. So you have THAT to look forward to. 🙂

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