Things That Irrationally Piss Me Off: Lizzy

For months now, I’ve been emailing back and forth with a dude, trying to decide whether I might want to meet him. We’re a high match (whatever that’s worth), he’s cute, and he’s extraordinarily persistent. But something about him pisses me off. I can’t lay my finger on it (hence continuing to speak with him at all–I feel sort of unreasonable), but I find myself annoyed after almost every exchange. Today, he sealed his fate though. He called me Lizzy.

I have nothing against the name Lizzy as a derivative of Elizabeth, just as I have nothing against the names Beth, or Betty, or Eliza, etc. etc. and so on (there are a ludicrous number of Elizabeth derivatives).

But that is not my fucking name.

I do not find it endearing. You will not be the one person I let get away with it because, gosh, you’re so cheeky and special.

Even the few people in my life who do it to tease me, knowing I will scowl at them, are dear, close friends. Presuming to call me a diminutive nickname before we’ve even met seems excessively intimate. (Clearly, I watch a lot of Downton Abbey and favor the Dowager Countess.) My own mother can’t get away with it.

It’s not that I have anything against nicknames in general. I have my own, and I certainly employ them in speaking to others. But they are from or for people I know well, with whom I have some shared history.

Was I looking for a reason to put this business to bed? Probably. But calling me Lizzy was definitely the last straw. It’s not like I’d chuck a friend I already knew and liked for calling me Lizzy (at least, not consistently) but man, if there is any question about whether I like a person or not, “Lizzy” casts a weighted vote against them.

Are there nicknames you can’t stand? How well do you tolerate them?


9 thoughts on “Things That Irrationally Piss Me Off: Lizzy

      • Liz is right. I don’t hate “Lex”.. I hate when people jump to “Lex” too soon. It’s an abbreviation and I think you need to be saying or thinking my name a lot to need to cut a syllable out of it.

        I’ve had multiple bosses/mentors call me “Lex” (Dr. Butcher, Mr. Lendak) and other people have picked it up from them which is when it really, really bothers me.

        I think it bothers me especially because my name is already a diminutive and I don’t want people I don’t trust making it cuter.

  1. I can’t think of any nicknames I hate off the top of my head. I don’t recall how old I was when I realized my name rhymes with “fatty pig,” but no one has ever called me that anyway (at least, not to my face).

    I used to hate my ACTUAL name when I was little because it was weird and different, but now I like it. Yay.

  2. I have never had so many people call me Andy in my adult life as I have since moving back to Pittsburgh. It is weird.

    Why do people think it’s ok to jump to the diminutive?


      • I don’t see you as an Andy, but god to I love calling people Andy. I hold back because of how much I hate being called Lex. I wish I could meet someone who wanted to be called Andy.

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