It’s Not Valentine’s Day, It’s HBO

Your kid could be the kid who hands these out instead of Spongebob Valentine’s in the school exchange. I’m just sayin’. Available at Walgreens and other fine retailers. 

HBO Original Valentines

You’re great, but this is really a love letter to Baltimore.

I’ll Be Your Stallion That Mounts The World

Fang Bangers put the “V” in Valentine

You Make My Heart Go Bada Bing

Omar Coming, Yo…To Wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day

Let’s Hug It Out!

If You Exploded, I’d Carry You Around In A Jar
The Talbot Jar
Image from True Blood Wiki 

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts–And I Owe You a Kiss

Be My Taxi Cab Confession



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