Past the point of no return

I was seeing a very nice guy for about a month, up until Monday when I politely declined to continue. I had a sneaking suspicion early on that it wasn’t clicking, but I really wanted it to, which as we all discover at one point or another, just isn’t enough. Ah, the stupid vagaries of the heart.

We had plans to spend Valentine’s Day together (the degree to which that wigged me out was another red flag I ignored) and so I started poking around on Etsy for a cute token gift. And that, dear readers, is when I knew there was no salvaging it.

As I’ve noted before, I fucking love giving gifts. Shopping for other people thrills me, and truth be told, the first few gifts are usually the most exciting because it’s a new game, a new person to puzzle out. So when I’d coolly scrolled though pages of custom shaving soaps, vintage books, cufflinks, Tardis greeting cards, and cigar cutters without a twinge of excitement, that was the sign I couldn’t turn away from, a message from my smarter inner self saying, “this is a waste of your time and his.”

What are your signs that it’s time to call it quits? Big red flags or little (yet unmistakable!) notes from your subconscious?


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