Who Did We Love and Who Did We Hate: SAG Awards

It’s still relevant if I write about a red carpet event almost a week later, right?

Lea Michele

Image from Celebuzz
Girl, I get it. You play a teenager on television and you don’t want to get typecast. But I don’t need to give you a pelvic exam to believe that you can play adult.
Also, it would probably play a little less desperate if there weren’t photos of you deliberately pulling your skirt back as you walk to show more leg. I’m just sayin’.

Melissa McCarthy

Image from Chicago Now
Who hasn’t found one dress they like and bought it in 4 different colors? I’m guilty. But while I like this dress on its own, I am pretty sure I’ve seen MM walk 4 different red carpets in it in the last year, with slight variations in color and neckline. And I mean slight. Here, let me show you. You’re a celebrity now. Either the studio is paying for your dress, or a designer is donating it. Live it up a little.

Jayma Mays

Image by FabSugar
When you can make a floor length gown covered in sequins look understated and elegant, you have won the red carpet. Cap sleeves, so often misused, work perfectly on her frame and the peekaboo back ensures that the whole thing doesn’t get a little too precious. Simple hair and bare arms (no bling) complete the look. 

 Meryl Streep

Image from The Washington Post
“Martin, pull that curtain down and hand me the belt that farmhand left behind. I want to see how far I can push this red carpet thing before they stop handing me awards.”

Emily Blunt

Image by Celebuzz
Lea, this is how one rocks a slit like a grown-up. Killer color, love the wrapped look of the bodice, wish the hair was a little less whoops I was walking my dog and ended up at The SAG Awards.

Rose Byrne
Thou Shalt Not Wear A Jumpsuit
Image by The Huffington Post
Ye shall not wear of the garment that is a shirt and pants as one and also of the formal fashion; it is an abomination. So sayeth the Lord.

Amber Riley
I like big bows and I cannot lie
Image by Red Carpet Fashion Awards
Conventional fashion wisdom would say that a rack like Amber’s does not need the added volume of a big ole bow, but I love this dress and I love it on her. Am I wrong? Is is boob-empathy? Can I simply not say no to a lace/taffeta combo? (I can’t. I just can’t!)

Kristen Wiig

Image by The Fashion Court
Can we please skip your Tina Fey phase where you are a beautiful woman who doesn’t know how to dress herself because she’s a comedian? I can’t do this again. Everyone is hating on the choker, but I think it’s the least of her problems. The dress is drab and sadsacky. Like, she literally looks like a sack who is sad.

Busy Phillips 

Image by Mix1065fm
One of my favorite things about Michelle Williams is that she always brings BFF Busy Phillips as her date to award shows. I love Busy Phillips and I wish she were more famous (where’s the Freaks and Geeks love, Judd? You’ve basically produced star vehicles for every dude on that show) because she is hilarious.  So it is with a heavy heart that I say to Busy, WTF? Did you just roll up to a red carpet looking like a Sister Wife?!
That’s all for me. Who did you love and who did you hate?


3 thoughts on “Who Did We Love and Who Did We Hate: SAG Awards

  1. At first I was kinda like, “Eh, let Lea have her fun while she’s young and hot!” Then I went to the pic of her pulling back the dress with her finger and EW EW EW.

    I am inclined to think Melissa McCarthy wears that same style repeatedly because it’s flattering. Perhaps I’m fat-sympathizing, but at her size I’m sure it’s hard for her to find flattering but still YOUNG and stylish gowns, celebrity or not.

    Love Jayma’s dress! Hate Jayma’s hair.

    Amber Riley looks FABULOUS. How in the hell does that giant bow on her giant tits manage to actually MINIMIZE them somehow? Magic.

    Oh, Kristen Wiig. Liz, you hit the sad nail on the sad head with the sad sack comment. The color is dreary and the cut is droopy. Blah.

    • Ok, I sympathize with her, too. But you and I wear a lot of formal-wear and we do so on a non-celebrity budget. If I had those resources, I’d hire a seamstress if I couldn’t find the designer duds I wanted.

  2. I LOVE Jayma Mays’ dress. Stunning.

    I love the cut of Emily Blunt’s dress, but would prefer a deeper green color (maybe similar to the dress the chick wore in MI: Ghost Protocol at the end of the movie?)

    I’m not with you on Amber Riley, because I pretty much hate bows on anything.

    And Amen on the Tina Fey comment. I am continually disappointed by her boring red carpet dresses. Please wear another color besides black!

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