Who Did We Love and Who Did We Hate: Critic’s Choice Edition

Once upon a livejournal, I used to write Red Carpet recaps for the Oscars, so I figured I’d continue that tradition and expand it a little to other Red Carpet events.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Michelle Williams

Image from Just Jared
 I think Michelle pretty much killed it in this dress. If you hit both classy and interesting (without wandering into boring or garish), it’s pretty easy to make it into my “liked” column. This dress, with its dreamy ivory satin, has a hint of the bedroom without looking like a nightie and a taste of Gatsby without looking like a costume.

Chloe Moretz

Image from Just Jared
Is she a LARP-er now? Sorry, Princess Ravenstone of the Chanel Clan, but I hate this.

Mindy Kaling

Image from Just Jared
I have mixed feelings about this dress. On one hand, it flaunts her rocking figure. On the other, it’s a little snoozy, especially coming from someone I know loves fashion so much. I suspect up close, the fabric is a lot more interesting, but in photos, it comes across a little bit like a yoga dress. On the other hand: SHOES! Behold them and know that their very sight turns me into an outdated meme. They’re so sparkly! Covet.

Diane Kruger

Image by The Mirror
If you squint your eyes a little, it looks like someone screen printed Sailor Moon’s hair onto Diane’s grey dress. And that isn’t my main problem with this dress! Mostly, I cannot get over how weird it makes her boobs look. DK is not one of ample bosom, but it looks less like she has a modest chest and more the top half of each breast is actually missing. Or like her breasts have phases like the moon and they’re currently in waxing crescent.

That’s probably enough for a show like the Critic’s Choice awards. Stay tuned – it’s awards season.


5 thoughts on “Who Did We Love and Who Did We Hate: Critic’s Choice Edition

  1. I also want more! That was, to address your final paragraph, not nearly enough. Soooo….

    Re: Michelle. Agreed. God, I want that dress SO BAD. And I think I kinda like when celebrities wear things that I’m like “you know…I’d look good in that.” Very “of the people” of them.

    Re: Mindy: I think I just, don’t like it. MAINLY because I am holding to a higher standard of ‘she knows and cares about fashion and normally rocks it.’ But I also bet it’s hard for Hollywood to deal with her more than size 2-ness. I think the color is the wrong side of Oatmeal…and what is the belt? Is that a belt? Eh. She ROCKS the one-strap look though. Damn. Also what the hell is a yoga dress? Don’t people wear pants to yoga?

    Re: Diane. You nailed it. Although I will say this dress had a lot of potential. I like the neckline a lot on her. But what is the YELLOW? Generally I think this hangs too much like a toga. Yes, we REMEMBER you played Helen of Troy you’re VERY BEAUTIFUL.

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