Lawndale 2011

Growing up, I was never really a Beavis and Butthead fan. Perhaps I knew a few too many middle school boys imitating the ubiquitous “heh-heh” without a shred of irony or the realization that the show was actually poking fun of that kind of behavior. I will always appreciate the 90’s version of B&B though, if only because it gave me Daria.

[Image from TVSquad via Wikipedia]

Now, with the updated Beavis and Butthead, I wonder if a Daria reboot can be far behind. After all, the Hot-Topic-shopping, YA-reading teen girl set has never been more powerful or more actively solicited by the tastemakers of the entertainment industry.

What would that look like? Beavis and Butthead are very much the same, switching out increasingly irrelevant music videos for reality tv clips and internet memes. The original Daria series never had a similar convention, so I think any updates would be aesthetic or plot-driven.

My best guesses for changes:

  • Trent would be wearing excessively large thick-framed dark plastic glasses.
  • Conversely, I think Daria loses the big specs, now more a fashion statement than the faux pas they were in the 90’s.
  • Quinn in skinny jeans.
  • One member of Mystic Spiral needs have a ludicrous beard and their music would be less gruff and 35% more pining.
  • Jane owns a Mac.
  • Helen Morgandorffer works as a hedge fund manger.
  • At least one Fashion Club member would be in a romper.
  • Britney and Kevin remain exactly the same.

Now the big question: would we want this? The instant gratification part of my brain wants more Daria, but don’t reboots often ruin the things we love?


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